The Vegan Roundup

So, did I end up sticking with the vegan thing? Drum-roll please… No. But I ended up in a great place! Full disclosure, I didn’t finish up the whole month of purely vegan eating – I ended after 3 weeks. But it was after consulting with Stacy. After two great weeks of vegan eating where […]

Livin La Vida Vegan

Well today wraps up two full weeks of livin la vida loca! I mean Vegan. Same thing ;). It’s starting to feel pretty normal now. I feel amazing internally (this is the healthiest I have ever eaten in my life) and externally (I’ve lost 5 lbs!). So that is motivating! On day 7, I did […]

The Vegan Experiment

Hi, my name is Krystal and I am a food hypocrite. It’s true. I love learning about nutrition! In my spare time I am nerdy and do research on food and how it affects our bodies and I watch documentaries and get all excited about it. I tell my husband about the things I learn […]