A Red Lipstick Resolution

When asked what it was like having a fourth kid, Jim Gaffigan responded: “Imagine you’re drowning.  Then someone hands you a baby.” Jordan and I often quote that to each other and laugh together.  We need laughter in this phase of life, especially when we are trying to get our Maroon 5 circus out the […]

The Mom Workout

At some point in our childless first year of marriage (the “childless” part didn’t last long… oops), I remember asking someone, “How do moms ever find time to workout?”.  As someone who has always valued exercise, this question really plagued me. Then one day Jordan and I babysat for a friend’s 5 year old son. […]

Why I Stopped Doing Yoga

Namaste.   Commonly said when practicing yoga, for some reason I just always assumed it was a word that meant “peace.”  Instead, it is actually a Hindu  greeting that is translated “I bow to the divine in you.”   Back in the spring, I became slightly obsessed with yoga.  Life was crazy, and I felt […]

The Vegan Roundup

So, did I end up sticking with the vegan thing? Drum-roll please… No. But I ended up in a great place! Full disclosure, I didn’t finish up the whole month of purely vegan eating – I ended after 3 weeks. But it was after consulting with Stacy. After two great weeks of vegan eating where […]

Finding our [food] Groove

I’ve really been into nutrition lately. I’ve been doing all sorts of research on food. On the one hand, it has been really fun and interesting; on the other, it’s about as frustrating and unhelpful as infant advice when you are a first time parent. Everything you read seems to contradict each other, even though […]