7th Anniversary Staycation

Early on in our marriage, Jordan and I decided that we wanted trips together to be something that we prioritized.  We have always found a trip away, however small or big, to be re-energizing for us as people and invigorating for our marriage.  There is something about getting away to disconnect from the daily responsibilities […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

A friend of mine recently wrote a blog post that included things she was currently enjoying, especially in an attempt for self-care while being a Stay-at-home mom.  I thought it was a fun post and I discovered some new things to enjoy, thanks to her, so I figured I would write my own!   Here […]

The Vegan Roundup

So, did I end up sticking with the vegan thing? Drum-roll please… No. But I ended up in a great place! Full disclosure, I didn’t finish up the whole month of purely vegan eating – I ended after 3 weeks. But it was after consulting with Stacy. After two great weeks of vegan eating where […]


I recently took a quiz on Time.com that told you what state/city you should live in, based on your personality.  My result: D.C. Ironic, considering that Jordan and I just returned from spending three days there last weekend for his 30th birthday :).  Although I’ve never considered myself a city girl and slightly disagree with […]

The Beauty of Bread (Recipe Included)

Growing up, it was always an exciting night when my mom made her homemade bread as a dinner side. She was known for her tasty homemade bread, and for good reason. My siblings and I loved to spread instantly melting butter over the warm doughy deliciousness and often asked for seconds. My mom eventually turned […]