You Brought Me Home

My testimony, in a poem, inspired by the book of Hosea.
Written (by me) in 2008


You Brought Me Home

In Chains there I was
Surrounded by cold and emptiness
sharp pains of hunger
carrying a world of heaviness
It was the place that for so long I had known
It just seemed easier
So I called it home.Giving myself away
Into slavery I sold my soul
Did I not see that I was settling?
But I thought it was home.
thought if I was being used,
then I was wanted in some way.
I looked like everyone else,
but then they’d walk away.
Looking in the mirror
“I just have to try harder,” I’d say.I would always chase after them
but I was never enough
so I’d swallow the rejection
and convince myself I was tough.
Broken and shattered;
weary and alone
that’s when I first realized
there’s no way this was home.I hit my knees, drowning in tears
I know I’m not supposed to
live life in fear.
But I’d gone too far, crossed the line
How could I expect You
to come back this time?
I had known You once,
and drank of Your love
But then I told You
that You weren’t enough.
I didn’t want to listen,
so I ran away.
Now I’m bitter and thirsty,
covered in shame.

Too far away
to reach for your throne
And I sure don’t deserve it
So this has to be home.
Though it’s hard and it’s dark
and I feel so alone.

That’s when You whispered
Your voice pierced the dark
“Arise my love, my beautiful one,
and come away,
for behold, the winter is past;
the rain is over and gone.”

Rising slowly from the ashes
held by Your nail scarred hands
You allured me into the wilderness
and showed me Your land.
Then holding me tightly,
in the most tender tone
You said to me “My child,
I am bringing you home.”

When I looked at Your heavens
the moon and stars You set in place;
I glanced at You sadly,
“You have made a mistake.”
For I had turned to other gods
and loved the world’s raisin cakes.

What am I that you would be mindful of me?
Who am I that you should care and love me?

So I tried to run
for that’s all I know
But this time You held me
and didn’t let go
speaking so softly, “beloved, thisis your home.
I am your Rock and your Fortress,
lay your head on My chest.”
You showed me Who You are
and in You I found rest.

To escape Your presence- where can I go?
Forgive me my Father
for running from home.
You never stopped loving me
though I denied You were there;
How can I thank you for rescuing me
and bringing me here?

A life of obedience
is all I can give
You make up for what I lack
in this new life I live.
Now I sit in Your warmth,
still holding Your hand
but my heart breaks for those
who don’t understand.
There are so many others
that are just like me
“Lord, won’t you unveil their eyes?
Why can’t they see?”
Looking into His loving, pain-filled face
I see that He knows,
and wants to show them His grace.
“Beloved, I will show you what to do
and where to go.
You must go and tell them
of how I brought you home.”

For the rest of my days,
Lord this is what I will do
I will go to the nations,
making disciples for You.
Because Your blood was shed,
I labor not in vain.
You’ve already defeated the cross
that carries the world’s pain.
And I know that You are with me
wherever I shall go
Until the sweet sweet day
I forever return home.