Piper Joy

On Monday, August 28th, Piper Joy Maroon was born at 1:16pm!  Her entrance into the world was fast and easy (initially), and our world was forever changed, for the better :).

Here are some details about the arrival of our sweet baby girl:

The L&D:

My pregnancy with Piper was the easiest (apart from some Pelvic Girdle Pain at the end – which I had with all 3 babies), and so was the labor and delivery.  I’m so thankful for that!  Piper’s due date was August 27th, which was a cause of anxiety for me earlier on, since it was so close to the day that Riley would start Kindergarten.  Riley would start school on September 5th – one week after my due date.  And guess what? Both Riley and Copeland were exactly 1 week late.  The thought of being in the hospital giving birth when Riley started school kept me up at night with worry.  So I talked to my doctor about it.  She is a mother of three herself, and totally validated the way I was feeling.  She suggested we schedule an induction for the day after my due date, which would be completely safe, would guarantee I would not be in the hospital on Riley’s first day of school, and would give us a little bit of time to adjust to being a family of 5 before she started.  She didn’t have to convince me!

One week before my due date, I thought for sure labor had started.  I was up in the middle of the night with contractions 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long, and intensifying for an hour.  I called the doctor and they told me to head to the hospital. We got there around midnight but were discharged around 3am, as it proved to be a false alarm.  I felt pretty embarrassed by this – you would think by my 3rd baby I would know real labor from false labor.  But apparently it is more common with subsequent pregnancies, which makes me feel a lot better.

The rest of the week was full of early labor signs and intensifying contractions.  It was hard and frustrating – but I just hoped that it meant my body was getting some of the work done early, to make for a quicker and easier delivery when it did happen.  Which actually proved to be true!

In the end, I did have to go in for my induction, but I’m so thankful for the way it all worked out.  My induction was scheduled for 6:45 on the morning of the 28th, which was nice because it meant I didn’t have to labor through the night and, could try to get some extra sleep.  So the evening of the 27th, Jordan and I dropped the big kids off with my in-laws and went out to Cititzen Burger for my “last supper”. Knowing that I would not be able to eat again until after giving birth (I was instructed not to eat anything after midnight), you better believe I loaded up on fries and aioli.  I could barely walk out of the restaurant but I was so thankful for that evening out with just the two of us before welcoming the sweet chaos into our lives.

That night we went to bed early and tried to get a full night of sleep before the busy day.  I wasn’t able to sleep as good as I had hoped – my contractions were intensifying – but that’s ok because I think my body was really gearing up and that was helpful during the induction.

When we arrived at the hospital the next morning, I was 3cm dilated and 60% effaced and still having contractions.  I was thankful because I knew my body was ready to do this, so I didn’t feel like we were forcing it as much.  My doctor broke my water and immediately the contractions picked up (this was around 8:30am – I forgot how long it takes to get admitted into the hospital, get situated in your room, fill out paper work, etc).  At 9:00 they started the pitocin.  The nurse asked if I was going to want an epidural and I’m pretty sure I shouted “YES” before she even finished the question.  I’m not one of those women who is all about giving birth free of interventions.  I 100% support those women and think every woman should have the right to decide how they want to deliver their babies. For me, I’m all about the epidural and napping while I’m in labor ;).  The nurse asked when I thought I might like the epidural and I said, “Hey, I’m ready for it as soon as you’re willing to give it to me.” She said I needed a liter of fluid through the IV and then they would administer the epidural. So once that bag of fluid was empty, the anesthesiologist came in and got the epidural going.

Random fun fact: it turns out the anesthesiologist knew Jordan – his kids grew up going to school with him, and Jordan was actually friends with his son.  So that was kind of crazy.  But he was awesome and gave me an amazing epidural! I felt nothing from that point on.  As a matter of fact, I got the epidural so early that I never even felt the really painful contractions.  So I rested and napped for the next few hours, but a few hours was all it was!  At noon, the nurse checked my progress.  I was 5 cm.  She told us that I would likely progress about 1cm per hour, so we told our parents to expect news around dinner time.  Well at and hour later the nurse checked my progress again, and I was at 8cm!  I was in the middle of texting my mom and sister with an update when my contractions (apparently) were getting super close and strong, so the nurse checked again and was like, “Ohhhh, you are at 10cm!  Time to have a baby!”  And what do you know, Piper Joy was born at 1:16pm :).  I felt exactly none of it, which was awesome (although, the next day I was like “WHOA. I did actually birth a human. OUCH”). I was smiling and excited to hold my daughter for the first time, and she immediately found her source of food and started eating away!  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t stopped since.

The Name:

Ever since we had Riley, Jordan and I have both LOVED the name Piper.  We always said that if we had another girl, that’s what we were going to name her.  Over the past 6 years, our love for that name hasn’t changed so as soon as we found out we were pregnant, we knew that if it was a girl, that would be her name.  The day we were finding out gender, as we were driving to lunch Jordan looked over at me and said “I kind of hope it’s Piper.”  He felt like he just knew there was a little girl named Piper who was supposed to be a part of our family, and he was right!  It took a little while for us to pick a middle name.  Riley’s middle name is “Grace” so we liked the idea of Piper having a similar middle name – Hope, Faith, Joy, Love, or something along those lines.  We ultimately decided on “Joy” because she was coming into our family during a season of joy for us.  In a recent post I mentioned that year 7 has been the best year of our marriage, following several really difficult years.  This past year has been the most stable and joy-filled year of our lives together, so it seemed like the perfect middle name for our youngest baby girl.  And it continues to feel perfect, as she has brought so much joy into our lives over these past couple of weeks.

The transition to 3:

So far (fingers crossed), I would say the transition to 3 has been the easiest.  Notice I did not say it has been easy, I said it has been the easiest 😉.  In comparison to the others, that is.  All of my friends who are moms of multiple kids have said there was one transition that was particularly the hardest for them – and it’s different for each person.  Some have said it was their first baby that was the most difficult transition for them, some say the second, some say the third (I think after 3, it just gets easier. I’ve never heard someone say their 4th or subsequent babies were the hardest transitions, but that doesn’t mean that is not the case for some.  I just don’t know too many people with that many kids).  Anyway, for me the transition from one to two was the hardest.  I think that was in part because of some of the other things going on in our lives, and in part because it was the first time I was out-numbered on my own when Jordan went back to work.   Also Riley had conveniently dropped naps right before Copeland was born and she wasn’t in preschool yet, so I never got a break or a chance to nap during the day to catch up on sleep.  Of course I’m only a few weeks in so everything could change, but this transition has been smoother for me.  I know what to expect.  Because I’ve done this two other times, I’m not anxious or worried that something is wrong with Piper, and I’m not as bothered by the crying.  Additionally with Riley in school, it means I’m really on my own with two most of the day.  Copeland still takes 3 hour naps every day (praise and glory hallelujah) and, right now, that also coincides with Piper’s longer stretch of sleep.  So I nap when they nap!

Again, all of this is not to say that it’s smooth sailing or easy days – those phrases are not really descriptive of the newborn stage in general.  Piper cluster-feeds for HOURS at a time (quite challenging when also taking care of a 2 year old), and I’m not getting much sleep at night.  But overall, it’s been a good transition and for that I am thankful.


Piper Joy Maroon, I am so thankful that you are a part of our family!  We are all smitten with you, sweet girl.

40 weeks pregnant
40 Weeks Pregnant – the night before heading to the hospital

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