7th Anniversary Staycation

Early on in our marriage, Jordan and I decided that we wanted trips together to be something that we prioritized.  We have always found a trip away, however small or big, to be re-energizing for us as people and invigorating for our marriage.  There is something about getting away to disconnect from the daily responsibilities […]

It Hasn’t All Been Roses

An apartment fire.   Living in hotels for over a month.   Panic attacks.   Health issues.   Learning each other’s quirks.   Learning the balance of spending time together and time alone, as introverts.   An unexpected pregnancy.   The death of the ministry I led.   A job change.   2 different moves. […]

Wonder Women of the Early Church

I’ve seen so much going around recently about how good the movie Wonder Woman is.  I haven’t seen it yet, though I would like to.  But it has been making me think of two women I have learned about recently who would totally qualify as “wonder women”, in my opinion.  Reading about their lives gets […]

The Momcourager

I felt tears welling up behind my eyes and threatening to fall.   Why was it that every single other toddler accompanying their mom was sitting calmly on their laps, well behaved?  Not my two year old. We were at Riley’s preschool Easter program and Copeland was screaming and crying, in full blown meltdown mode.  […]

The Silent March of the Mean Girls

In one of the most recent episodes of the show Black-ish, there was a line that I have not been able to get out of my head since I heard it.  In discussing the recent election, one of the characters in the office (Daphne) asks one her co-workers (Lucy) where all her white sisters were […]