Joseph Copeland Maroon – The Name

copelandOn January 3rd, 2015 at 3:39pm our son, Joseph Copeland Maroon (we will call him by his middle name) made his grand entrance into the world! 7lbs, 11oz and 19 inches of pure cuteness and joy. I know I was getting antsy (to put it mildly) at the end of my pregnancy and having a hard time with the waiting each day that I went past 40 weeks – but the timing of Copeland’s birth could not be more beautiful. It was on January 3rd last year that we found out we had lost our second child. God sure had a very specific time picked out for Copeland’s birth for His own glory – January 3rd one year later. What an incredible glimpse into our God’s redemptive nature! We are so in awe, humbled and grateful.copeland 4

So, how did we choose the name Joseph Copeland?

Joseph – Our little guy is named after his grandfather (Jordan’s dad), Joseph Maroon. We pray that he grows up to be like his grandfather – a man of love, integrity, courage, strength, humility, wisdom, gentleness, a hard worker, a great dad and husband and grandfather.

Copeland – We knew for awhile that we wanted “Joseph” somewhere in his name, but we had a tough time choosing the name that we would call our son. And by “tough” what I mean is that I would come up with names and lists of names I liked, and Jordan would veto them ;). I even made a bracket once (like you would for March Madness) thinking it would help Jordan narrow it down or find something he liked. All it did was make him realize that he didn’t like any of the names. So in the end, Copeland was simply the name that we both agreed on and liked the most. I came across it online once, and it was the first name that I threw out there to Jordan that immediately received a positive response. For awhile we went back and forth as to whether or not we were going to choose it, but as our pregnancy neared the end we realized that there was just no other boy’s name that we liked more than Copeland. It’s very unique, and yet it doesn’t sound terribly unique (like “Rain” or “Fire” or something. No offense if that is your child’s name). To me, it sounds like a name that could be categorized with “Camden” or “Cole” but is less common. We have always liked names that are a little different. And we thought it sounded cute with Riley.


At first, we didn’t choose the name based on their meanings. However once we had already picked his name, it was cool to learn what each name means and how perfect they are for our little guy. As I mentioned, right before getting pregnant with Copeland, we lost a baby in miscarriage. It was an incredibly difficult time for us, and we still mourn the loss of that child. On Easter Sunday, we found out that we were pregnant. Joseph means “The Lord will add” and Copeland means “The ability to cope.” Praise God that, in His undeserved grace, He added this sweet child to our family and Copeland sure has helped us cope during our difficult year!

copeland 2

copeland 3

Copeland 5

copeland 6

copeland 7

So, that is the story behind his name. I will blog about his birth story soon! 🙂

Until then,