I made a goal for myself to blog at least once in the month of October, since I haven’t been very active in the blogging world lately (I used to blog about once a week!). Truth be told, third trimester of pregnancy just isn’t the time for great thought provoking… thoughts. From me (<– see what I mean? Point proven.). It was, after all, in third trimester of my pregnancy with Riley that I forgot to wear pants one day. So let’s just count it a huge success that I have left the house fully clothed every day so far, K? 🙂

Since “thought provoking thoughts” (or complete sentences) aren’t exactly my forte lately, I thought I’d aim for a basic “lately” post about what’s been going on in our lives, well… lately! Creative, I know ;).

For one thing, we recently got a gym membership. For a long time we were really opposed to this idea because we didn’t want to take on a monthly payment. But then a couple of our friends told us about how helpful it was for their family to have a gym membership once they had two kids, and we were sold! Besides, if we really want to make working out a part of both of our lives, this is what we need to do. We both hate running (not that I’m attempting that during pregnancy), and doing workout videos with a 3 year old running around just isn’t really working out (no pun intended)! So anyway, gym membership. Did I mention they have CHILD CARE?! That’s what sold me. And Riley loves it. Every day she asks to “go play kids at school while mama exercise!”

The more pregnant I get, the more I hate working out. BUT the more I love childcare. So, at least there is a motivator. Although I fully predict that some days in the near future (and by near future, I mean this afternoon) I will just go there to simply stretch a little bit, and then plant myself on one of the leather couches and catch up on some magazine reading ;). Hey, I washed my hair last night.  Which only happens twice a week, so I can’t go getting all sweaty! Priorities people. (And just to clarify: I do shower more than twice a week, I just don’t wash my hair.  Hello, dry shampoo.).


Another thing we’ve been doing a lot of lately is eating out. You know, to balance out all of that working out! We have recently switched over to a cash budgeting system and are trying to keep things tight to reach some financial goals, but God in His sweet mercy during this time when I am not too fond of cooking, has heard my cry! We have been getting all sorts of coupons for free food in the mail – since we “just moved to the area” (meaning, we moved 10 minutes away from our last place in Chapel Hill but hey- if they think they’re welcoming us here by offering us free food at their restaurant, so be it). So far we have scored a free $20 family meal from Whole Foods, a free meal from Cafe Carolina, free breakfast from Burger King (oops, I mean um kale from Whole Foods… I don’t eat that fast food garbage… eh hem.), and half off at Med Deli, just to name a few. Oh and then a new coffee shop opened up across the street and offered FREE coffee drinks (read: lattes, mochas, the whole deal) for a WEEK! We are doing some major restaurant scoring over here at the Maroon household.


Last weekend, Riley had her first little friend sleepover. Zoe is a friend from church that she absolutely adores. It has been fun to watch them actually become friends, playing and laughing together every week after church. So on a whim, I threw out the idea to Jordan and then to Zoe’s mom of having Zoe sleepover. It was actually Riley’s idea. She had asked me after seeing Zoe at church one Sunday if Zoe could sleepover Riley’s house, and if I could call Zoe on the phone and ask her :). Anyway, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and honestly expected it to be complete chaos. Surprisingly, I was wrong! It was so easy, I’m still kind of in shock about it. The girls giggled for hours and wore each other out, falling fast asleep almost immediately. Then they both slept until 7:30 the next morning! Zoe was such a joy to have around our home. And she kept Riley nice and busy, which actually freed us up to do other things.

IMG_3559 (1)

Last weekend my mother – along with her friend Cheryl, my grandmother, and my sister – threw me a fabulous baby shower for Little Guy! It was actually my favorite shower I’ve ever had. I think that is because (a) I wasn’t as overwhelmed as I was at my shower for Riley (“What is ALL of this stuff they say I need for a baby?! Ahh, what am I doing?!”), this time it was just a lot more fun because it was mostly clothes and I’ve done this baby thing before, so it didn’t feel so foreign. And (b) it was a smaller shower, which just suits my introverted nature well ;). I felt like I was actually able to talk to everyone there and it was really fun to connect different people that I love to each other. It was such a sweet day and I felt SO loved! Also: baby boy stuff is SUPER cute. I always thought girl stuff was more fun, but I was mistaken. I cannot wait to see my little baby son in these adorable little things!

IMG_3547 (1)


IMG_3564 (1)

And finally, I just want to say: I know that social media sometimes gets a bad rap. We talk about how it forms false ideas of relationships and all of the ways that it negatively affects us in our experience of community blah, blah, blah. I’m not saying that is not true, it often is. However, I have developed sweet friendships with a few women who I met – you guessed it – over social media! One of them was a sorority sister in college who I didn’t really know well then. But when we both were pregnant at the same time, we started talking and connecting over Facebook and Instagram. It was so helpful to have someone who was experiencing the same thing to talk to. Over the years we got closer, especially once she moved to the area and we started to get together with our kiddos somewhat regularly. Now these kiddos are becoming sweet friends too and it has been so fun to watch. So hooray for the good of Social Media!




So, that’s us lately!

Until next time,