In my other posts about our recent miscarriage, you may have noticed me talking about my “son.”

Though it was far too early to have known anything about gender before we lost our child, for a few weeks prior to our loss, Jordan and I had both been certain that this was a boy. When I was pregnant with Riley, I knew she was a girl. My intuition on this one had become just as strong, as did Jordan’s. Looking back, I believe that was a gift from the Lord.

When we were pregnant with Riley, we would pray that God would show us what to pray over her. We sensed He was leading us to pray for a sweet spirit. So throughout our pregnancy, we prayed that Riley would be a sweet spirited daughter of the Lord. And what do you know? She totally is. So in this pregnancy also, we asked God what we should pray for this child. The word “peace” kept coming to us, so thus we prayed.

We had a very difficult time thinking of boys names. For some reason, we either just did not agree on them, or the ones we did agree on just didn’t seem right.

The week before we found out about our loss, I turned to Jordan and asked, “What do you think of the name Salem for a boy?” We were driving to Richmond and I had just seen it on a few road signs and started to think that I really liked that as a name. Jordan thought about it for a second and then said, “Salem… I like it. Actually, I love it.” This was the first boy’s name that we both instantly had a strong positive reaction to. As I did every time one of us threw a name out there for discussion, I pulled out my handy iPhone and looked up what the name Salem means.

It means “Peace.”

So after learning about our loss, Jordan and I decided to name our son Salem.

Salem’s life was entirely peace, as he will never know the pain and brokenness of the world. We believe and pray that we will meet him in eternity, and we eagerly look forward to that day.


Me at 8 weeks pregnant. This is the only picture we will ever have of Salem.