I recently took a quiz on Time.com that told you what state/city you should live in, based on your personality.  My result: D.C.

Ironic, considering that Jordan and I just returned from spending three days there last weekend for his 30th birthday :).  Although I’ve never considered myself a city girl and slightly disagree with Time, I will say that if I had to live in a city, I would definitely choose DC!  I’ve been there a few times, and I would still look forward to going back.

In our few years of marriage, Jordan and I have learned that we love city vacations.  We just really enjoy walking around downtown, drinking good coffee, eating good food, drinking good wine, and scoping out the treasures that are local used book stores.

For a couple of weeks we had assumed that all of the free stuff we had planned to do would be closed, so we contacted some friends who live in DC, asked for restaurant recommendations, and decided to make it a “Foodcation.”  Thankfully the government decided to re-open just in time for our trip (word on the street is that they heard we were coming so they finally got their act together)!

Here is a glimpse of our trip:

photo (3)

First stop, Lauriol Plaza.  We were told that it is, hands down, the best Mexican food in the city.  NO.JOKE.  Ya’ll.  SO GOOD!  We both got Chorizo Quesadillas made with homemade chorizo.  It was seriously the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve been to Mexico three times).  This place is definitely a must if you travel to DC.


Then we took a tour of the Capitol and strolled through the Library of Congress (which is insanely gorgeous, by the way).

photo (4) photo (5) photo (6)

We also found a cute little public garden in the city, where we decided to rest for a few minutes and drink in the fresh fall air.

photo (7)

That evening, we strolled around Georgetown and finished with Chinese for dinner.  When we left dinner, Georgetown was starting to come to life.  I commented to Jordan that “Night Life” just isn’t my thing.  He reminded me that it was only 7:30, which could hardly be considered “Night Life.”  Wow.  I guess we are getting old… 😉

photo (8)

After dinner, we arrived at our airbnb “luxury” condo (if you haven’t heard of airbnb.com, it’s an awesome way to travel!).  Staying at this bad boy only ended up costing us $69/night.

We’re learning that airbnb is hit or miss.   We LOVED our condo stay at Wrightsville Beach this summer, but this one wasn’t the best experience in the world.  It wasn’t the worst either, there were just a few things we hadn’t considered being an issue (our bedroom was literally right next to the host’s bedroom.  It was really hot in there and we couldn’t adjust the AC.  Neighbors were really loud at night, keeping us up until 3am).  <– Western World problems, for sure.  But still worth considering when planning a vacation this way.

photo (13) photo (9) photo (10) photo (14) photo (15)photo (21)

Saturday morning was my favorite part of the trip!  We went to the Eastern Market, a HUGE Farmer’s Market/Flea Market in the city.  We strolled through and ate at Farmer’s Lunch, a super popular spot where you can get breakfast or lunch from all of the fresh, local ingredients and you sit at a huge farm table to eat.  Jordan got a stack of blueberry pancakes and I got french toast topped with apples and cider, a very “fall” feeling breakfast :).  We tasted the most delicious honey crisp apples, bought gifts for Jordan’s parents (who were so sweet to watch Riley while we were away), Riley, and I scored some gorgeous handmade green and gold earrings that I am absolutely obsessed with.  We also had an exceptional cup of coffee at  Peregrine, and browsed through a quaint (and awesome) little used bookstore.  (Sidenote: ^ The picture of the opened book shows a glimpse of how introverts vacation.  I’m glad that both Jordan and I consider it a travel- worthy event to sit and read with coffee.)

The weather on Saturday could not be more perfect.  Chilly and crisp, complementing the changing leaves that peppered the city streets and layered the trees that canopied our drive.  I was so excited to finally have the chance (for the first time this fall) to wear boots, a scarf and cardigan!  My all time favorite attire.

photo (16)

Next stop: Good Stuff Eatery.  We were told that we would find the best burgers here.  We were not lied to!  This honestly may have been my favorite meal, although it was one of the most low key.  Jordan and I realized at the end of the meal that we had not spoken one word to each other the whole time we were eating!  We were seriously that engrossed in the deliciousness that we were experiencing.  I got the “Good Stuff Melt” burger.  Oh.man.  It was the best burger I’ve eaten in my entire life.  (It probably didn’t hurt that I had removed dairy from my diet for awhile this summer, so… you better believe that I savored every.single.bite of that melty cheese!).  They have different types of flavored mayo to dip your fries in (Chipotle, Mango, and Sriracha) that were crazy good (Mango was, surprisingly, our favorite).

Oh man.  Talking about it is making me hungry!

photo (17) photo (18)

After that very satisfying lunch, we went to the American History Museum.  I thought it was going to be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised.  My favorite exhibit was the Food exhibit (how fitting).  It was fascinating to take a visual (and informational) look at the history of food in the US, especially the introduction to and progression of convenience foods.  They had a display of “Julia Child’s Kitchen” (pictured above), which was really neat.

(Also: I am officially adopting the Berkeley Food Pyramid for my life.)

photo (19)photo (20)

That evening, we walked around Old Town Alexandria, enjoying the quaint downtown feel and the waterfront.  After much deliberation, we ended up dining at Warehouse Bar & Grill for dinner.  It turned out to be an excellent choice!  Since the wait ended up being longer than we had been told, the Maitre d’ paid for three glasses of wine for us to enjoy.  Hey, I’ll wait an extra 30 minutes if it means free delicious wine!  Then we enjoyed an incredible dinner.  I forgot to take a picture, but we split a salad (with pears, Gorgonzola, and spiced pecans) and some of the best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted.

Since the “Night Life” isn’t for me, we ended up going back to the place we were staying to curl up and watch Netflix :).

photo (22)

Sunday morning we slept in, drank Starbucks in bed, moved slowly and then headed to an unbelievable lunch at Zaytinya, a Mediterranean tapas restaurant.  (If you’re not familiar with tapas, it is all small plates of food, and you order several different ones).   We could not get over how tasty it was.  They had Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish food.  I enjoyed a delicious Turkish coffee to start with, and then we had all sorts of hummus, pita, garlic, feta, lamb goodness.  I cannot even remember exactly what we ordered for each dish, but I do remember how much I enjoyed it.  We would definitely recommend this place.

After lunch, we headed back to Richmond to see our baby girl.  We drove away from the city very full, feeling more connected to each other, and probably 10 lbs heavier.

We were so thankful for this getaway, but oh man did we miss our little girl!  We brought her home a stuffed dog that we named Carl (the closest thing to a pet she’s going to get), and after an initial rejection, she warmed up to him and made him her new little buddy.

photo (23)

Now excuse me while I go eat a spinach salad for dinner ;).

Until next time,