Throwback Thursday: Outer Banks Getaway

Earlier this week, Jordan and I had the opportunity to get away for a few days (just the two of us) to the Outer Banks. The timing really could not have been better, after 3 weeks of feeling very disconnected from one another (with his 2 weeks of Rockbridge and the week of recovery/survival we endured after it). My mother-in-law was so sweet to come down here from Richmond to stay with Riley while we were gone! She and Riley had sweet time together, and Jordan and I came back feeling very refreshed and connected to each other again :).

Here is a re-cap of our getaway:


We headed out early on Monday morning, in the rain, with our fingers crossed that the weather would clear up by the time we arrived in Nags Head.


The weather did not clear up, and looked like it might rain the entire time we would be in the Outer Banks. Slightly pretty disappointed, we decided that if we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beach, we would declare it a “foodcation!” and eat at the most amazing restaurants we could find :). This burger (topped with bacon, crabmeat, and gruyere cheese) and sweet potato fries was certainly not a bad place to start!


As we were eating lunch, we noticed that the rain had (finally) stopped, so we tried to hurry, hoping we could get at least a little bit of time on the beach! So we stuffed our faces, headed out to the beach with our beach chairs and books, aaaaaand enjoyed about a good 10 minutes. Oh well. At least our feet touched the sand :).



Thankfully, Jordan had done a lot of research on the area before our trip and had found a really cool, highly rated coffee shop where they roast their own coffee beans. Not exactly how we thought we’d be spending a beach vacation, BUT the coffee was delicious and the sound of the pouring rain beating down on the roof made for a cozier feel that made reading that much more enjoyable :).



Finally, at 5pm, we were able to check into our quaint little Bed and Breakfast. It was located right outside the Outer Banks, in this small little podunk town with little to do but lots of charm. After dumping our suitcases, we cozied up on the front porch rocking chair and enjoyed margaritas. We couldn’t get over how much green was surrounding us (beautiful trees, grass, and flowers), and the light misty feeling that the rain had left behind, along with the sound of birds singing flooded our hearts with contentment. We sat and talked for awhile. I felt like we were about 80 years old and it was awesome.


When we finally started feeling hungry again (lunch kept us feeling full for a long time!), we walked over to the only restaurant in the town open for dinner on a Monday night (I’m not kidding). It was called Mike’s Kitchen and it was about the most random (but delicious!) place I had ever been to. We were the only customers there. It had a bit of an old diner feel, but was also decorated with some bamboo and straw, reminding us that we were close to the beach. They had “Two and a Half Men” playing on a flat screen TV, and they specialized in fried seafood and Chinese food. Like I said, random. But we were surprised at just how tasty the food was!


The next morning, we woke up to SUNSHINE!! And the most delicious breakfast. We enjoyed talking to the other guests over the big wooden table during the meal, all probably in their 50s and 60s. They were eager to learn about our daughter and tell us all about their grandchildren. It was sweet :).



It could not have been a more perfect beach day! We literally stayed on the beach from 10:30am-6pm! We did a lot of reading, chatting, and dipping our toes in the water. I went on a fabulous run at one point, and Jordan collected seashells for Riley :). We only left the beach in the afternoon for lunch.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about foodcation for a second. did we eat well! For lunch I got a salad with a crabcake on top of arugula and tomatoes with an olive oil/lemon vinegarette that was perfectly light and delicious!

Later that evening, we went to a very nice restaurant in an old, beautiful house called “Colington Cafe” (pictured below) where I got a very tasty glass of Sauvignon Blanc and “pepper grilled tuna with a tomato/cilantro dressing, bacon wrapped asparagus, and goat cheese whipped potatoes”). Note to self: always wrap asparagus in bacon, and always add goat cheese to potatoes from now on! Then Jordan and I split a coconut cream cake, which was quite possibly the best dessert I have ever tasted (also pictured below):








The whole Colington experience was definitely one of the best parts of our trip. After dinner, we went for one last stroll on the breezy beach before heading back to our Bed & Breakfast.

One strange thing that happened: we hit a bear on the way back! With our car. And yes, I am absolutely positive it was a bear. I know that seems unlikely, but we were driving through a national wildlife preserve and there were bear crossing signs everywhere and even a “do not stop and feed the bears” sign. The bear was already dead when we hit it, and our car was surprisingly fine, but it definitely shook us up a bit! So weird.

The next morning, Jordan had grand plans of going back to the beach for a couple of hours and I had plans to sleep in, then enjoy the morning on the porch swing, reading and enjoying coffee. But none of that happened. Jordan didn’t wake up early enough, and I woke up as red as a lobster and sick as a dog! Maybe a mild form of sun poisoning? Needless to say, it was not the way we had planned on spending our last morning.


Lesson learned: When spending a whole day on the beach, re-apply sunscreen. Often! Trust me, I am a strong advocate for sunscreen and usually wear a big floppy hat too! But I was foolish and did not re-apply much. It was a bit chilly later in the day and breezy on the beach so I didn’t feel like I was getting much sun and therefore just didn’t even think about putting more sunscreen on. Clearly I was mistaken.

Also? Don’t wear massive sunglasses in the sun all day. Those tan lines on my face are not cute, to say the least.

As awesome as it was for us to get away (and I would do it again in a heartbeat!), we could not WAIT to get home to our baby girl.



We hope to take her back to the Outer Banks with us later this summer :).

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!