Mommy’s Day Off

Today I was finally able to enjoy my Mother’s Day gift from Jordan, a “Mommy’s Day Off.”  He told me that he would take Riley out for the day so that I could have a day to myself to do whatever my little heart pleased.  He didn’t even have to finish his sentence before I started thinking about what I wanted to do :).

I am so thankful for my husband.  He’s a good one folks.

Here is what my idyllic Mommy’s Day Off looked like:


I slept in (funny how 8:30am is “sleeping in” to me these days), and was given breakfast in bed.  Have you tried the coconut coffee from Brueggar’s Bagels?  If not, you should!  I ate breakfast in bed while reading some articles online, and then watched a few episodes of “Once Upon a Time” (I’m hooked now.  Thanks for the suggestion, Melissa!)

photo (1)

Then I went on a long stroll in this beautiful weather and listened to a sermon.

photo (3)

Of course, even on a Mommy’s Day off, I had to steal some kisses and snuggles from my little Goose.

photo (5)photo (4)

photo (6)

I spent the afternoon at the pool, enjoying a mimosa, reading a magazine and listening to some Nora Jones.  Strangely (since it’s Memorial Day) the pool was practically empty.  I was not complaining about that :).  I had a nice spot in the shade and there was a lovely breeze blowing through.  It was just perfect.

photo (7)

Then I came back and got in the Jacuzzi bath.  And yes, this happened.  Candles, wine, fresh fruit and cheese.  I mean, if I’m going to have a day off, I’m going to have a day off. And I’m going to do it right.

photo (8)

And finally, I gave myself a little mani/pedi.

When the day closed on 5:00, I actually felt really ready to be with my family again, watch our friend’s son so they could go out on a date, and cook a delicious meal.  I had all the rest one could possibly need to pour out love and energy at the dinner table and on the playground before tucking the little ones into bed.

As I thought about it today, I came to this conclusion: we all need rest.  We all need a break once in awhile.  And when we get one, it is a sweet gift from a Father who delights in His children and gives us good things.  But at the same time, the very things we need a break from are usually the things that are the greater gift to us.  It is the mundane, everyday responsibilities in our lives that shape us.  They are the tools that give us humility, wisdom, long-suffering, endurance, patience, character, and teach us what it means to love and give.


Sidenote:  I think it is important to mention that this was one special day for me, not what my every day looks like.  It’s easy to see pictures on Instagram or read blog posts like this about someone’s life and think that they have it easy, or they have it all together or things are picture perfect.  Isn’t that what social media does, after all?  It captures the moments that we want to document and preserve.  We don’t use it to capture the days we wish to forget, the hard days that are often sandwiched between those photos and status updates and blog posts.  Today followed 3 hard weeks of sickness, solo parenting, and even some arguments and hard conversations with Jordan that I did not care to document.  Just wanted you all to know that.  Life is beautiful and sweet and difficult and sour for all of us in different ways and at different times.  There is no secret to some perfect life.  There is just life.  🙂