I Thought about You Today

Today’s post is from a guest blogger, my best friend for the past 18 years, Katie (you might remember reading about Katie on one of my Throwback Thursday posts).

Katie wrote this to her second child, who we sadly never had the chance to meet.  I am honored to share her beautiful words with the world.  Love you Katie!

I thought about you today.
We would know if you were a girl or a boy.
Actually, we wouldn’t because we are
“those people” who like surprises .

I thought about how we would watch you move all around.
How we would lay on the couch and watch feet and hands stick out.
How we would call your brother over to feel.
How the long uncomfortable nights would begin to set in.

I thought about how we would be preparing your brother.
How we would talk about you and tell your brother you were coming.
How we would tell him he has to share with you .
We would tell him how what a good big brother he would be.

Actually, I think about you every time someone says “So, when are y’all going…”
And I want to tell them about you but instead I bite my tongue.
And say “ I don’t know…….”
And those are the moments I really miss you.

I thought about you when I put your brother to bed.
How thankful I am for the blessing of him.
I thought of the little person he is becoming.
And wonder who you would have been.

But most of all…
I thought about how thankful I am that God allowed me to be your momma.
I thought about how one day I will get to see you, maybe hold you and kiss you.
I thought about how God’s plans are perfect and how much peace that comes from that.
I thought how thankful I am that I got to be your momma for just a few weeks.