Throwback Thursday: When I used to roll my eyes at “those” people

Ok so… this Throwback Thursday post is a bit of a confession. I must admit, I totally used to roll my eyes at people who were all into clean eating and natural remedies and green smoothies and holistic health. You know, “those” people. It really annoyed me, if I’m honest. Even if they were my close friends. Or my mom. I’m pretty sure your disgusting looking spinach drink, 500 supplements from Whole Foods, and $500 bag of “real” groceries are not what cured your cold or healed your stubbed toe.

Or so I thought.

And yet, here I am.

Taking things like this


And eating things like this




So, what happened that caused me to join the enemy camp (you might ask)?

Here’s the thing. In just the past 2 weeks I have had ringworm (yes, I’m just as grossed out as you are. Apparently you can get it from children’s play places and playgrounds pretty easily), a bad head cold, pink eye, and tonight I gave into my 18 month old daughter who was begging me to go “Night Night pease!” at 6:15pm because she has a fever.

And this is representative of what our entire past 5 months has been like. I usually get somewhere between a week and two weeks break between illnesses. Starting with the flu in December, I have just been slammed with head colds and sinus infections and everything under the sun. Over. And over again.

Come to think of it, besides the welcomed break that pregnancy and breastfeeding gave me from sickness, it’s been like this since college for me.

Translation: my immune system is defunct.

And I finally decided that I have had enough! I am waging war.

I’m not exactly sure why my immune system is so dumb slow apathetic to my feelings non-existent, but my strongest theory is that I have been on so many antibiotics the past several years that I think it has just broken down my body’s ability to fight illness.


I decided that I am going to get aggressive about trying to rebuild my immune system. And I’m going to go all out in my efforts. I figured, it’s worth a shot. I need to do something.

I’m going to try to make several changes, but start with a little at a time so that it’s not too overwhelming at first.

Here are some of the things I’m starting or planning to do:

1. Take a daily multivitamin, DMG (mostly for my vertigo, but it also acts as an antioxidant), and cod liver oil (helps build immune system, but has MANY incredible benefits)
2. Clean eating with tons of fruit and vegetables and antioxidant rich foods, including a green smoothie every day with lunch.
3. Cut out white refined sugar. This is not like when we went sugar free for a month last summer (shudder). No, this time I will eat bread and pasta here and there. I just mean cutting out soda (I may have a tearful goodbye with my beloved Roo Cup. Or I may just cheat every now and then. We’ll see), sweets (unless someone bakes something for me, in which case I will gratefully partake), and also artificial sweeteners. Those are worse than sugar.
4.Try to stick with organic milk and stay away from milk with hormones in it.
5. Start drinking tea with lemon and honey.
6. Stop using self-tanner (yes, I’m an addict. Secret’s out. But it’s full of chemicals, and what we put on our skin can get into our system unfortunately and toxins also break down our immune systems.)
7. Use tea tree oil soap and olive oil for face wash and shaving.
8. Start making a couple of my own cleaning products (which is actually way easier and cheaper than I thought it would be. This website is super helpful:
9. Eat lots of yogurt for the probiotics.
10. Possibly start adding some fermented foods into my diet (Like Kombucha. My old roommate Lauren would be so proud.)

It’s possible I’m being too ambitious.

It’s possible I’ve gone off my rocker.

It’s possible this stuff won’t even help.

But I’m just so over being sick so much and I’m willing to do what I can on my part. I’ve actually found it pretty inspiring and fun so far. As someone who has seen my doctor more than I see some of my best friends and is constantly picking up prescriptions, I think it is just really empowering to feel like in some way I can take my health into my own hands. That I don’t have to just be the victim of whatever bacteria I come into contact with, but that I can be proactive in the prevention of it.

I realize that this will take awhile to make a difference. I don’t expect to start feeling better in a week or anything. It could take a year or more of this lifestyle to actually feel like my immune system is getting stronger.

I realize that there are people who work really hard at being healthy and doing these things that still get very sick. I am not naive about that.

I realize that this is going to be a challenge on a tight budget. I’m trying to figure that out. I’m looking for where we can cut corners, and doing my best to stay within our current grocery budget.

I also realize that there is about an 80% chance that I’ll cheat quite a bit.

But I’ve got to do something. Starting Now.

So go ahead, roll your eyes at me. I deserve it ;-).



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