The Best Day with You


I think I just heard your last murmurs over the monitor and you are on your way to being sound asleep for the night.  I was thinking back over our day and looking at our pictures and I just had to find a space to tell you that I had the best day with you.

I already told you that before you went to bed, but you don’t understand yet.  One day you will, and I hope you can look back at my recounting of the day and the pictures with some sense of familiarity or nostalgia.  Or I’d settle for you just having a sense of warm stability as you look back at what our life was like together when you were 1 and a half year old.

We have been at Rockbridge this week, IV’s summer camp where college students come to learn about Jesus, receive good teaching about the bible and its relevance in current issues, and good training in leading a small group bible study or telling people about Jesus.  Your Daddy is here to do some of the teaching and training, and we are so proud of him!  We are thankful that He is able to impact the college campus in this way.

While Daddy is off doing that, you and I have been able to explore together but that was hard the first few days because it rained non.stop. (By the way, don’t use periods to punctuate incomplete sentences.  That’s just a cool thing to do right now that you will probably think was weird.  Also, don’t always just do the “cool” thing. )

After a few days of being cooped up in the rain, you and I were really ready for the sun to come out!  You kept pointing out the window saying, “side PEASE!” (“slide please”) and didn’t understand why you couldn’t play on the playground :(.

Finally on day 4 of being here, the sun came out!  Bright and early at 7:30 am, you and I finally headed out to play on the playground in our pj’s.


You were so happy :).

At 8:30 we had to go to breakfast with Daddy and all the students, but you just couldn’t WAIT to get back to the playground.  So we played again after breakfast, until your nap time at 11am.

You were hilarious.  There was this big boat (I think it was supposed to be a sandbox) that was filled with water, and you took a cup over there and splashed, laughed, and eventually dumped water ALL.over.yourself.  On purpose.  You thought it was great!  Your sweatshirt, jeggings (those are a thing right now), and boots were completely soaked.  It was so fun to watch you though.  You were having the time of your life :).

Eventually Daddy and I had to strip you down, wrap you in a towel, put you in a warm bath and throw your clothes in the dryer.

It was totally worth it.

After you woke up from your nap, we decided to put you in your swimsuit so you could play in the water again.

Let me tell you, you rocked that swimsuit.  It might have been the cutest thing I have ever seen!



Then you, Daddy and I went on a walk down to the main part of the camp to get cold soft drinks and play around the students.  On our walk, you made us stop every time you saw flowers so you could pick them.  You held those flowers all afternoon and wouldn’t let them go, even though they started to wither!


While we were playing with Daddy, you took off running on the side walk, fell, and got your first skinned knee!  That’s a milestone and a badge of honor if you ask me :).  We were proud of you, you handled it like a champ.  You just got right back up and started running again!


When Daddy had to go back to his meetings, you and I played Frisbee in one of the big open fields.  You loved it!  We would take turns.  You would squeal with delight when I would toss the Frisbee, then you would run after it and try with all of your might to throw it like I did.

Of course, we ended up back at the playground for the last stretch of the day.



I had the best day with you.


At the end of the day I put you in your pj’s, zipped you up in your sleep sack, gave you some warm milk, and wrapped you in my arms.  I stroked your hair and took in the sweet smell of your skin. Taylor Swift’s song, “I Had the Best Day with You” kept replaying over and over again in my head.  I thought about what our best days now are like compared to our best days a year ago, when you were only 6 months old.  Then I thought about what they might be like when you are 5 and when you are 15.  It just keeps getting better.

I’m looking forward to even more best days with you, sweetheart.