Mommy’s Day Off

Today I was finally able to enjoy my Mother’s Day gift from Jordan, a “Mommy’s Day Off.”  He told me that he would take Riley out for the day so that I could have a day to myself to do whatever my little heart pleased.  He didn’t even have to finish his sentence before I […]

Cherishing the Moments.

This morning my heart broke as I saw the pictures of the Oklahoma tornado and the destruction that it caused.  I don’t know what it is with this year, but we’ve had a lot of tragedy happen in the US.  And the fact that it was so many children… I just… can’t… even. It definitely […]

I Thought about You Today

Today’s post is from a guest blogger, my best friend for the past 18 years, Katie (you might remember reading about Katie on one of my Throwback Thursday posts). Katie wrote this to her second child, who we sadly never had the chance to meet.  I am honored to share her beautiful words with the […]

The Best Day with You

Riley, I think I just heard your last murmurs over the monitor and you are on your way to being sound asleep for the night.  I was thinking back over our day and looking at our pictures and I just had to find a space to tell you that I had the best day with […]