The Blogger Behind the Curtain

A kind and thoughtful blog reader recently nominated me for a “Liebster” Award. Basically it’s a way of saying “I enjoy and appreciate what you have to share” and an attempt to get to know the author behind the blog a bit better. Additionally, it is a way to share other blogs that you think are worth reading and kind of pay it forward.

I felt honored and thought I’d play along :). So my task is to share 11 things about myself, answer 11 questions that were given from the person who nominated me, and share/nominate 11 blogs that I think are worth sharing. Here you go!

Facts about me:

1. I am a major introvert but many people that meet me are surprised by this. You could call me a social introvert, but the more you get to know me the more you will see how much I value and need alone time and how much I hate big crowds!
2. I really admire my husband. I mean I just really, truly look up to him. He is a wise and caring college campus minister and I would feel privileged to even be a student under his teaching and mentorship, but I have the huge honor to be his wife! I learn so much from him constantly and I have grown and matured so much through having a relationship with him.
3. I start each day off with a cup of coffee and end the day with a glass of wine.
4. I’m only 5’1″
5. I have a weird obsession with glasses. I’ve always wanted them, but I have 20/15 vision. I’m so thankful to have such clear vision, it is such a gift. But I just love the way glasses look! Don’t ask me why. I really want librarian looking glasses with black frames but I’m nowhere close to brave enough to wear fake ones. I would be too embarrassed when people say, “Oh I didn’t know you need glasses!” and having to admit that I don’t. (I may or may not know that from experience.)
6. I would eat Chipotle every night of the week if I could. Steak burrito bowl, white rice, mild salsa, corn salsa, cheese and sour cream. If you ever wanted to get me a gift for some reason, you can never go wrong with a Chipotle gift card! True story, one year that is what my brother-in-law got me for Christmas and it was kind of my favorite gift.
7. I love having TV shows to look forward to. My current favorites are Parks & Rec (I will probably like you immediately if you ever quote Ron Swanson), Modern Family, Nashville, and Revenge. Jordan and I also like watching The Voice (the bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is hilarious and the contestants are very talented).
8. My name (Krystal) means “transparent” and that is very true of me. I am very vulnerable and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.
9. I am always moved when I read stories about adoption or about someone coming to know the beautiful redemption found in Jesus.
10. I hate shopping. HATE it. I enjoy fashion and like wearing cute clothes, but absolutely do not enjoy the process of shopping for them.
11. I sometimes crawl into Riley’s crib with her when she wakes up from her nap. I love laying next to her, cuddling, laughing, and feeling like I am a part of her little world, seeing things through her eyes.

Questions I’ve been asked to answer:

What’s your favorite meal?
If Chipotle doesn’t count, then perhaps a good ‘ol steak dinner with roasted veggies and A1 sauce! No…pizza. No wait… maybe this delicious shrimp pasta recipe I got from a close friend! No… actually calizones. No, Japanese Hibachi with white sauce!! Oh I don’t know. (What? I like food)

Have you ever broken a bone, and if so, how?
Um yes, a few. I broke both of my elbows when I was 5 years old from jumping off a swing (yes, both at the same time. I had casts from my hands up to my shoulders on both arms. The pictures are pretty funny). And I broke my foot from running and jumping into the ocean. And I’ve broken my toe a couple of times. I’m really quite accident prone actually.

What is the most interesting place (preferably a foreign country) you’ve visited?
Mexico. That is the only foreign country I’ve been to, but I love it. I’ve been on 2 missions trips there and that is where Jordan and I honeymooned. I have dreams of visiting Italy and France.

Who do you look up to as a writer?
I love Sophie Kinsella because she is hilarious. I wish I could be as brilliantly witty in my writing as she is!

What other hobbies are you passionate about?
Reading and writing, obviously. Enjoying leisurely time and good conversation with friends. Laughing. Cooking. Going on walks. Learning about/drinking wine. Taking Bubble baths. With Candles. And wine. And french music. And pretending that I am in France in a bubble bath. 🙂

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
“What do you mean? An African or European swallow?” 🙂

Traveling by yourself – no rush – do you take a road trip or air flight, and why?
Air Flight. I hate driving/riding in the car. And I sometimes get driving anxiety.

What’s the last good book you read?
Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Do you play a musical instrument or sing?
Nope. I have a guitar, and have “plans” to learn it one day (those “plans” started 4 years ago when I first got my guitar. It will happen one day! I think.)

What “clique” did you fit into in high school? (i.e. jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, gearheads, rockers, school band)
I was a cheerleader in middle school and then dated a guy who claimed that he “made” me popular in high school. But I would say I was always like a layer or two under the popular kids. I was friends with many of them, but wasn’t in the tight “in” circle. I tried pretty hard and cared to be a part of that group, and that is actually something I regret. I really wish I hadn’t cared so much about being cool and liked in high school. I think that robbed me of a lot and I cringe when I think about how exhausting it was to always try to fit a certain mold. I wish I had felt more free to be myself. By my senior year I think I started to realize this and kind of pulled away a little bit and just had my 3 best friends I spent all my time with.

What’s your favorite motivational quote or thought?
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. -2 Cor. 12:9

Phew, that was a lot.

Now here are the blogs that I would like to share with you/nominate and why. I only have 10, not 11 though :):

1. MK in Wonderland MK is a really good writer and blogs about things from life as a mom, pop culture, gives recipes (anything she recommends is worth trying! Everything of hers I’ve tried has been amazing), etc. My absolute favorite posts of hers are her pregnancy posts. I may not have read anything so funny in my life. If you are pregnant and could use some humor, you HAVE to read her posts. You’re welcome.
2.The Anderson Crew Emily, the Author, has 6 kids, a strong faith, and I am so inspired by her life. Her stories of motherhood and adoption roped me in and I get excited when I see she has a new post up!
3. Casey Leigh Wiegand I discovered Casey’s blog through a friend and was drawn to the way she describes motherhood and her love for her children. Her posts often bring me to sweet tears and I am inspired by the way she views parenting. She is an artist, and also does fashion/style posts. Oh and the photography on her blog is beautiful!
4. Through the Ardennes Carolyn’s honesty in her blog is so refreshing. I’ve appreciated the ways that she has invited us along on their adoption journey, and any stories about her 6 year old son are hilarious 🙂
5. She is Called Beloved Kristen lives in Boston and recently wrote very raw, real, and beautiful posts about her experience at the Boston Marathon this week. (sidenote: this is her experience, her story, not a commentary about everyone’s experience overall)
6. Jen Hatmaker Jen makes me laugh to the point of tears (I love funny writers!) but also challenges me constantly in my life and faith through her writing. I read her book “7” with a book club last year and definitely recommend it.
7. Kelly Needham Kelly is married to singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham (Jordan and I actually did our first dance at our wedding to one of his songs) and writes about her life as a wife of a recording artist. Her posts about marriage and motherhood have challenged me, perhaps more than anything else I’ve read. I’ve read her most recent post about servanthood as a mother at least 5 times and will probably read it several more.
8. BigFatOofta Sarah is one of my best friends and we actually found each other through the blogosphere! We realized we lived close to each other, had a lot in common, and hit it off immediately. I love the way each of her blog posts talks about what she is wrestling with currently, yet always leads to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
9. Brooke Odom Brooke is an actress, artist, and super fun person! Love her. Her blog has beautiful words, poems, art, life experiences, and food for thought. It is such an easy blog to read and look at.
10. Tap Into Your World The idea behind Laura’s blog is to tap into the area you live in, big or small town, and make the most of your time there. Her husband was a former NFL player, and they recently moved here to Chapel Hill for him to coach the team here. She honestly ponders life in new places and I love her perspective.

OK whew, there you have it! Happy Friday everyone!