The Crazies

When I woke up this morning and started brewing some coffee, Jordan asked me if I was doing ok. “Yea, I’m fine… why would I not be doing ok?” I was legitimately confused. Jordan seemed a bit hesitant, “Well you know, last night you were… pretty upset about a few things.” Oh right. That. When […]

The Blogger Behind the Curtain

A kind and thoughtful blog reader recently nominated me for a “Liebster” Award. Basically it’s a way of saying “I enjoy and appreciate what you have to share” and an attempt to get to know the author behind the blog a bit better. Additionally, it is a way to share other blogs that you think […]

Coffee Date

Hello, friend(s)! It is a beautiful, sunny day in North Carolina, and I imagine myself sitting down with you for coffee.  Actually, scratch that.  It is a warm 75 degree day, we don’t want coffee.  We are going to sit outside in the breeze and drink a $4 Bellini together :).  Yes that is what […]