Throwback Thursday: That Time I Forgot to Wear Pants

You may have heard of “Baby Brain,” also referred to as “Pregnancy Brain” or “Momnesia.” Experts (whoever they are) have pushed back on the existence of such a thing. Of course there are not any actual changes that happen in your brain, but I swear research has shown that memory lapses/deficit in memory are definitely common occurrences for a woman during pregnancy. Blame it on hormones, blame it on exhaustion, blame it on whatever you like, but it is a thing. Someone described it like this: “Pregnancy brain is the feeling of walking into a room, going after something, and not remembering what you went for about five to 10 times a day.”

It is a strange thing to experience. And experience it I did! When I was pregnant with Riley, especially my 3rd (and very uncomfortable) trimester, I would do really weird, forgetful things. For instance, Jordan once found a roll of tin foil in the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, several odd things found their way into the refrigerator (somehow), and I caught myself putting the milk in the pantry on several occasions. Whether I left the coffee pot on, the hair straightener plugged in, or the wet laundry in the washing machine for several days; I felt so forgetful and constantly struggled to remember simple little things.

But those examples are nothing compared to the one this whole post is written about.

It was around 3:30 in the afternoon late August (or early September. I was forgetful, remember?) 2011. Busses full of kids were starting to drive by our apartment complex and that was my cue to start getting ready to go babysit (I had taken on a couple of short term babysitting gigs during my pregnancy). I grabbed my keys, my purse, and my cell phone and walked out the door. I noticed several of our neighbors standing outside, greeting their kids who had just gotten off at the bus stop. I also noticed the insane humidity that will make a pregnant woman curse and become slightly very high maintenance. But there was one pretty big thing that I did fail to notice…. (you see where this is headed).

Right as I reached the door to my car I realized that I had forgotten something. My book! Duh. The kids I was babysitting for would need to do their homework that evening and while they did, I had planned on doing some reading. Silly me, I could not believe I had forgotten to bring my book! So I went back into my apartment to grab them. As I did, I walked past a mirror and realized (to my HORROR) that my book was not the only thing I had forgotten when I walked out the door.


Yep. You read that right. And don’t worry, it was definitely worst case scenario. No, I was not wearing a dress, I was wearing a shirt. No, I was not “covered.” Yes, people saw me. They were all outside greeting their children, remember?

It’s not like I had forgotten to put pants on when I got dressed that day. It’s just that I was feeling really hot at one point in the day (I mean, I had set the AC at ONLY about 60 degrees in our apartment after all), and since I was at home by myself and didn’t plan on having any visitors, I had taken my pants off (ladies who are or have been pregnant understand this). At this point in my pregnancy, my belly stuck so far out that I literally could not see my toes, much less my legs. So I could not see that I was not wearing pants until I looked in a mirror!

Needless to say, I’m sure I gave my neighbor’s a great story to tell in any situation in their lives where they need to give people a good laugh. That time their super pregnant neighbor waddled to her car in the August heat wearing no pants.

And now I have a “that time when…” most embarrassing moment. At least let’s hope that I don’t incur another one to trump it ;-).

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love this story Krystal! I was hoping you’d post it when you started doing Throwback Thursdays! Hahaha makes me laugh every time!!

  2. Katie says:

    This is seriously one of my favorites!

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