The Little Things


One of my favorite parts of being the mother of a toddler is the opportunity to enter into Riley’s little world. It is such a sweet gift to slow down and see things through the eyes of such a little person. The everyday things that we take for granted, for a toddler, are new mysteries to solve, puzzle pieces to fit together, and adventures to discover!

For example, yesterday I was checking some emails on the computer when Jordan called me into the bathroom to watch Riley as he was giving her a bath. He had turned the faucet on lightly, and she was fascinated by it! She had a big, yellow cup that she just kept refilling with the dripping water over and over and over again. She thought it was amazing and her face was covered in delight. She did this for her entire bath, until her little lips started turning purple. And even then she didn’t want to stop. It was so cute. Jordan and I looked at each other and both had huge smiles on our faces. Then he said, “You know, if you think about it, water really is an incredible thing.” And he’s right. The whole concept of the existence and the make up of liquids is actually pretty crazy if you think about it. Not to mention the fact that we are so blessed to have running water in our country. At any point of any given day I can drink water, bathe with water, wash things with water, cook with water, etc. From the bodies of water around the world, somehow pipes and plumbing bring a seemingly limitless supply of water to our very own home. Anytime my 14 month old daughter undresses herself and excitedly walks over to the bathroom door pointing because she wants a bath (every day recently), I can just turn the knob of a faucet and immediately have access to as much water at whatever temperature I want to use to give her a bath.

But we rarely ever stop and think about such things. It’s almost as if Riley knows some sweet secret to unlocking a simple sort of contentment that we as adults have forgotten about.

Our world is filled with such fascinating things. Riley is fascinated. I, too often, am distracted.

So today I’ve been thinking about how I want to drown some of my distractions for a little while. I want to surrender to the awe of the little things, and rediscover the world with my daughter. I want to embrace the mundane and see what The Lord has for me in it. In the day in and day out repetition that kids are so inclined to and adults treat as a hindrance, I want to see what Jesus saw when he spent 30+ years of his life doing simple carpentry (before his ministry began) and joy he knew and preached when he stopped everything he was doing to take the children into his arms and blessed them (Mark 10:13-16).

Here is a simple little poem I wrote today as I thought about some of these things:

A little less coffee
a little less wine
a little more eye opening
to my need for the divine

Too much media
too little quiet
resistant to the Word
but pinning fashion, hair and diet

A little less distraction
a little less waste
there’s richness in simplicity
I long so much to taste

Too many fillers
too much noise
social networks make me miss
her sweetly playing with her toys

A little less glamorous
a lot more needing grace
faithfulness in the mundane
can help me seek Your face

When there’s
too much media, and
too little quiet
the lie that home is not enough
is present and I buy it

A little less distraction
a little less waste
there’s richness in simplicity
I long so much to taste

Because when there’s
too many fillers, and
too much noise
I miss the simple, little things
that carry deeper joys

A little less glamorous
A lot more needing grace
faithfulness in the mundane
can help me seek your face

And then even with
too much coffee, and
too little sleep
a smile spreads across my face
as I see this life is sweet.



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