An Annoying Daughter to Have?

Last Sunday during the sermon being preached at church, I was mentally running through ideas of things that I probably needed to fast from in my life, when this thought occurred to me: I wish I could fast from myself. Seriously though. I was just having a morning where I was soooooo sick of myself! […]

Weight Loss: Goal Achieved

I have gone back and forth, debating whether or not to write this post.  My hesitations were: (a) This is an issue that women are bombarded with daily and I want to be sensitive to that. (b) I wouldn’t want it to feed any competition or insecurity, etc.  Those of us who have been trying […]

More Value than Many Sparrows

Lately I have been reading through the gospel of Luke in my personal scripture study. In the gospels Jesus reserves his harshest teachings, not to the “sinners” in society, but the Pharisees. The Pharisees were the “law keepers” and were known for their dedication to upholding religious ceremonies and practices. If they existed in American […]