Thief in the Night

The week of Christmas, my brother-in-law and his wife, Rachel, were robbed.  Jordan and I love them both deeply and consider them some of our best friends, so this was really hard for us to hear.   We were able to visit them 2 days later and were very impressed, challenged, and encouraged by their […]

Advice on the Holidays, to my Future Self

It is 9:15am on December 28th.  Baby is napping.  My Mom is in the shower.  And I am sipping a delicious mimosa to follow up a warm, homemade breakfast enjoying some lovely, coveted alone time.  Naturally, I’ve been thinking about the Holidays.  I cannot believe how quickly the Christmas season came this year and how, often, […]

New Beauty

Last week I blogged about Riley dropping a ball with excited abandonment in order to fall into my open arms (read post here). Ever since then I have been thinking about the spiritual implications and have been asking myself, “what things am I still holding onto that are keeping me from falling into God’s open […]

A Day in the Life…

Recently I’ve been thinking about how my day-to-day has changed over the past year as Riley has grown.  I am loving this little tiny toddler age that she is at right now.  These are sweet days.  I wish I could just bottle them up!  Since I can’t put them in a bottle to take out […]

She Dropped the Ball.

Many people told me that being a parent would teach me a lot about God and His relationship with us.  One year in, I feel like I am just starting to take small sips from the fire hydrant of all the lessons the Lord will teach me through little Riley Grace. Today was one of […]