My Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

So last night after talking to a friend on the phone who was working on a Pinterest Christmas Craft, I decided to browse the clever website myself for the first time in… a long time.  Oh man, was it fun!  Next thing you know, an hour has gone by.  I’m pretty sure I was in some sort of trance or something.

I love Pinterest.

But I also hate it.

As far as I can tell, there are 2 different uses of Pinterest:

One use of Pinterest is practical.  Pinterest is such a smart idea!  You can “pin” ideas for all sorts of things.  DIY crafts, gifts, decor, etc; fun activities for kids, recipes, and how-to’s.  For creative, artsy-types, this is probably really inspirational (I wouldn’t know).  For non-creative, non-artsy types (yours truly) it is helpful.  Someone else has already come up with the creative idea and then gives you  paint-by-number instructions on how to do it.  Score for the home team!  Even though my brain doesn’t work like that on its own, I can ride on the talents of others to make Christmas gifts on a budget, find fun family poses for our photo session coming up, create a delicious meal, and have some fun ideas for activities with Riley (I’m so excited about some of my “ideas for kids” pins, that I’m about to attempt some of them with Riley now, even though she’s too young for them!) That is the part of Pinterest that I love.

The other way to use Pinterest I guess we’ll call “fantasy.”  You can pin things that you want, but don’t (and probably won’t) have.  The dream home.  The dream wedding. The dream wardrobe. The dream body. The dream children.  A picture perfect life.  As a matter of fact, the term “Pinterest perfect” has become a thing now, which kind of proves my point.  Pinterest is (seemingly) perfect.  Just pulling up the website is a bit of an awe striking experience, because it’s just…so…pretty!  Every picture is so beautiful.  And it is almost as if you get pulled into this “experience” of putting together the beautiful pieces of your own idea of a picture perfect life. Now don’t get me wrong, I think people definitely use these boards for ideas that they will actually apply and that it is helpful for them in creating the vision for their ________ (home, wedding, etc.).  But come on, lets be honest.  Many of us post things that we will never actually do or have.  It’s not reality. We have pictures of homes we want, when the reality is that our salary couldn’t even afford one room on our “home” board.  We have pictures pinned of “our style” and clothes we want, but the reality is that we will probably never wear that “white pin-stripped top with coral infinity scarf and Tory Burch boots.”  We have boards filled with amazing fitness ideas that we will never actually try.  Or boards of our dream wedding, when we don’t know if we’ll ever even get married (ok, so maybe not “we,” obviously I’m married.  I’m just saying that there are girls who are not even dating anyone who have wedding Pinterest boards.  But I like saying “we” because I’m not above it, so I like to say it like we’re all in the same boat because in many ways, we are).

Because of these two uses of Pinterest, I end up feeling two different things simultaneously when I log on: excitement for projects that I am planning to tackle, and insecurity/covetousness.  (Ok you’re right, that’s 3 things).  I see pins that make me think, “ohhh I can make that for someone for Christmas!” And then I am bombarded with pins of rock hard abs that I don’t won’t ever have and am tempted to “re-pin” feeling a sudden burst of motivation guilt that makes me think I will actually commit to that strenuous workout 7 days a week and see identical results.  I am bombarded with pictures of outfits I drool over, and am left feeling unsatisfied with what is hanging in my closet.  I am mocked by pictures of rooms decorated so beautifully that I feel ashamed of my home.

While I walk away on a mission for a new meal to make, activity to try with my toddler, and craft to make for Christmas, I am also left with a swirling cocktail of discontentment and guilt.

So that is why I love Pinterest.  And why I hate it.

Can anyone else relate?

Also, for laughs, you should check out this website:  🙂




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