The Food War.

Over the past year I have had a major love/hate relationship with food.  (The last time I blogged I wrote about my love/hate relationship with Pinterest so… I’m not really sure what all this love/hate-ness says about me.  Perhaps I need some sort of intervention? Or a Xanax?) I’ll start with the fact that I […]

Coffee Date.

A friend of mine wrote a blog post this morning as if being on a coffee date with her readers.  I enjoyed reading it and loved the idea so much, I thought I would do the same :). So if I were on a coffee date with you this morning… I would tell you that […]

The Right to be Human

Recently it has come to my attention that two people I once cared about de-friended me on Facebook. These are not those rando Facebook friends that I’ve only met once or haven’t seen or talked to since Middle School. These were people who I spent a lot of time with a few years ago and […]


As you may have read on Facebook a couple of days ago, it has been a tragic couple of weeks for my family.  About a week and a half ago, my Aunt Louise was killed in a car accident.  This past Thursday, my cousin Christian died in a car accident as well.  Both are my […]