It’s OK Monday!

Monday’s are not usually anyone’s favorite day, so to give you a smile and (hopefully) some laughs, I thought I’d throw a little “It’s OK” at you from my day :):

It’s OK…

to put on jeans simply to prove that you actually wear normal clothes sometimes, only to change back into gym shorts an hour later. It’s also OK to not actually go to the gym in said shorts.

to get very excited about finding and purchasing a “mail organizer” at Target.

to create a twitter account for your child before they can say more than “mama” or “dada.” At least it will entertain you if not anyone else 🙂 (you can now follow “Riley” at RileyGooseTweet).

to consider the Bible God’s holy, inerrant Word and still think that parts of the Old Testament are… strange.

to actually think that Ramen noodles are delicious and eat them for lunch. A $.25 lunch is a great way to save money!

to go back on your diet. Starting tomorrow…

to find yourself singing children’s songs frequently. When your child isn’t even around.

to resort to making super easy meals for awhile and take a slight break from your love of cooking. It’s also OK that by “making” super easy meals you mean Trader Joes Mandarin Orange Chicken or a buy 1 get 1 free sub from Subway…

to swear off of magazines, but flip through an issue of US weekly while waiting in line at the store because, let’s be honest, you really do want to know if Emily cheated on Jef with one “f.”

What are your “It’s OK” statements for today?

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