Post Baby Weight Loss, Part 2: Leaving a Trail of Hurt

Several months ago, I finally caved in and blogged about my battle with post baby weight.  It was real, it was raw, I wasn’t proud of the things going on in my heart, but God was working on me.  In the month of July I invited my readers to follow me through my sugar free for weight loss experiment (part 1, 2, and 3).  So… I thought it might be appropriate to give an update on where I am with it now.

No really, I am.  That’s not to say that it’s not hard at times when Hollywood and our media surround us with so much…

Thanks, Hollywood.

skinny.  But here’s the thing: I am D.O.N.E. with it.  I am so done with hearing about, thinking about, reading about post baby weight!

I’ve realized that complaining/worrying about baby weight is entirely selfish.  And I’ve come to realize something else recently:  When we (women who have had babies) complain about baby weight, we are leaving a trail of hurt behind us, even if it is unintentional.

We hurt our children when our obsession communicates that their birth caused something we are unhappy with.
We hurt women who haven’t yet had babies because we communicate that it is a burden as we tell them “you will never get your body back.”
We hurt pregnant women, stealing their joy when we are consumed with our loss (of our former body) rather than focusing on our gain (the child).
We hurt women who are unable to get pregnant by dwelling on the inconvenience of a few pounds while their souls are delicate with the grief and waiting they are suffering through.
We hurt ourselves by believing that we are not enough, pulling us further away from the message of unconditional, Divine love that we were all designed to know and enjoy.

We are just feeding the cycle, helping spread the message that women are objects who are only as good as they look.  I’m so ready to step off this trail of hurt.

In the middle of writing this post, my daughter started crying in her sleep. As I went in to console her, tears came to my eyes when I thought about the chance that she would ever feel like a burden because of my twisted view of worth.

From here on out if you ever hear (or read) me complain about “baby weight” or make snark, negative comments about my body, please call me out.  You have my full permission to say something.  Stop me.

My body tells the story that I had a baby.  And that is a beautiful thing. ❤


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