Grace, Part 2: Giving it to myself

A couple of weeks ago (or was it months? I lose track of time these days), I wrote a post titled “Grace” about my story of God’s grace in my life.  This is something that I have continued to think about since, and have been challenged by in new and different ways.  Most recently, I’ve […]

Advice to my 21 Year Old Self

Sometimes I wish that we really could write letters to our younger selves. There is so much I would love to say to younger Krystal. But then again, I’m not sure she would listen. Even to her older self. She tended tends to be a bit stubborn. Nevertheless, every now and then I like to […]

It’s OK Monday!

Monday’s are not usually anyone’s favorite day, so to give you a smile and (hopefully) some laughs, I thought I’d throw a little “It’s OK” at you from my day :): It’s OK… to put on jeans simply to prove that you actually wear normal clothes sometimes, only to change back into gym shorts an […]

Reckless Writing

I blog for different reasons, and I blog in different ways.  Sometimes I write thoughtful responses to certain issues that I/we face and experience (especially women); sometimes I write light, funny posts; sometimes it is just an update on something in my life (pregnancy, going sugar-free, etc), and other times it is simply to vent.   […]


My freshman year of college I met a girl named Leah in my “recruitment group” for rushing to join a sorority.  I didn’t like Leah at first.  She was so friendly and bubbly to every person she met or talked to.  Always peppy with an extra spring in her step.  She was… fake.  I thought.  […]