Sugar-Free, Part 3: The Conclusion

Well folks, it’s here! The final few days of our 1 month goal of sugar-free eating!  It was real hard in the beginning, got a bit easier, then harder again, and then it just started feeling completely fairly normal.  People have been asking me about the results.  I have lost 7 lbs total.  To be […]


Grace found me 16 years ago in my bedroom late one night after youth group. Grace picked me up my sophomore year of college after I had fallen really hard. Grace brought me to UNC-Chapel Hill to do Greek college campus ministry for 4 years. Grace gave me my husband. Grace brought me our daughter. […]

Living like the Truman Show

This past weekend while we were vacationing in Nashville, Jordan and I had the opportunity to go out on a date night sans baby, thanks to our wonderful friends David and Julie :).  We ended up going to this awesome restaurant & bar called Sambucca in the downtown area for dessert & wine (oh those […]