You Got it Bad

Have you ever been so tired that nothing else in the world sounds better then sleep (besides Heaven. And I’m pretty sure we’ll be well rested in Heaven.)?  And by nothing else sounds better, this is what I mean: If I was given the opportunity to go to a fabulous all inclusive resort in the Bahamas for a week next week but the catch was that I would be getting as little sleep as I have been this past week OR I could choose to stay in Chapel Hill and get lots of sleep, I would choose Chapel Hill.

That’s when you know you’ve got it bad.

As a matter of fact, in my altered state of exhaustion I re-wrote the lyrics to Usher’s “You Got it Bad” in my head :).  Here it goes:

You got you got it bad
When you’re on the phone
hang up
snorin, eyes rolled back

You got it you got it bad
When if you miss an hour without coffee
your whole day’s a drag

You know you got it bad
when you’re out with someone
but sleepin through the night
is all you think about

You got it bad
when you’re out in the sun
day dreamin bout your bed
that’s how you know you got it bad

When you say that you need it
and you really know
everything that used to matter
just don’t matter no more
Like money or my clothes
(you can have it all back)
pillows, covers, sound machine
(that’s what I want)
Sleep, I’m fortunate to have you at all
I want you to know
I really adore you
All you mommas who know what’s goin on
look at your bed and help me sing my song, tell it
“I need you, yes I do.
I’m gonna sing it til my face turns blue”
Tell your baby,
“you need sleep, please sleep deep.
Through the whole night please don’t make a peep.”

Why am I blogging when I am this tired? I do not know, I cannot account for my actions when I am in this state.  But to all of my fellow sleep deprived mommas out there, cheers to you!  May much coffee, wine, and nap time be ever within your reach!

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