5 Month Old Riley

Today our little one is 5 months old… how did that happen?!  Didn’t we just have her a few weeks ago?  I know it’s so cliche to say it goes by so fast, but it goes by SO.FAST.  She is turning into a little person!  She is developing a little personality and constantly observing and obtaining new information about the world around her.  One of the latest pieces of information she’s stored in her brain: big crowds of people are scary.  And I must agree!  Sweet little Introvert takes after her mom.  Big crowds have always overwhelmed me, I’d prefer a night in with takeout and a movie over a party ANY night, I love being home, prefer a few closer deeper friendships to lots of friends, and can’t stand small talk.  I don’t think Riley can stand it either.  She goes straight to the “gah gah gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh’s,” none of this, “How are you? Don’t you love this weather?” mess.  She’s over it already.  But really, she’s a shy little girl, and it is just so sweet!  Here are some recent examples:

  • This past week I took her on a “mother/daughter” date to Chick-fil-a.  She talked happily in her car seat the whole way there.  As soon as we got there and for the entire time we were inside, Riley had a little pout on her face and looked sad and scared.  She didn’t make a peep and just looked around, terrified.  As soon as we got in the car to leave, back to her happy sounds 🙂
  • A week ago some of Jordan’s sweet students had us over for dinner.  There were about 7 of us at the dinner table and Riley was pouting and making little whimpers most of the time.  After awhile, we laid her down in the living room by herself (where we could see her of course), and she just came to life!  From the dining room we could hear and see her laughing, kicking her legs in excitement, talking and smiling away to herself!
  • Today we had a bunch of family over for Easter, which was so wonderful!  Riley loves family, but there were about 14 of us in our apartment all afternoon.  Once everyone left, once again she came to life and was super cute!  We put her in her cradle and she was just laughing at herself, kicking happily, talking, and making her little motor boat noises (resulting in A LOT of drool).

It’s so funny, but so sweet and fun to watch her become a person.  I love every single thing about her.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days… you know what I mean.  Days where she fights nap time, or when I take her to a bridal shower where she won’t let anyone hold her but me, resulting in me dropping numerous food items on the floor.  But even in her worst moments, I am enamored with her and just cannot believe that she is a little person.  An individual. Specifically crafted and designed by our very creative and talented God :).

Big Milestone: today Riley was baptized!  What a beautiful way to celebrate the Resurrection Day.  Jordan and I took vows in front of the church declaring that we believe she needs the blood and grace of Jesus Christ, and promising to raise her in His love and truth.  The church also vowed to help us raise her in Christ.  I teared up thinking about our little girl as a new member of the church, and thinking about her walking with Jesus one day.  How amazing it must be to watch your child have their own relationship with the Lord!  We had a lot of family come in town to celebrate with us, and it was so special. 

Here is Riley at 5 months old!
Isn't it crazy that she was here 5 months ago?!



2 thoughts on “5 Month Old Riley

  1. congratulations to Riley and you and Jordan, what a wonderful thing, sure wish i could have been there but i will see her in June…she is a beautiful baby and I hope you all had a wonderful time…love Grammy

  2. Such a sweet post, Krystal. I got teared up reading the last paragraph! It was a great joy celebrating Easter and Riley’s baptism together!

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