I’ve been wanting to write another blog post for some time now, but as any fellow moms out there know, it’s hard to find the time to sit and write something that is longer than a facebook status.  Quite honestly when Riley does take her longer nap during the day (there is now always a 3-4 hour nap somewhere in her day, SCORE!!) there are just other things that I would rather do (shower, eat, workout, clean, spend time with God, read- and when push comes to shove, I’d rather read blogs then write one). I must chose my priorities each day, because something is always going to give.

Anyway all of that to say, I haven’t blogged in awhile and am too tired to even think of what is worth saying or sharing :). I love motherhood, but it constantly convicts me of my selfishness, challenges me of the idols in my heart, and forces me to be creative in finding ways to take care of myself.

Instead of sharing more myself, I thought I would share the link to 2 blogs that perfectly describe my life right now. So I guess I’m hijacking, but they’ve said it better than I can write it so why re-create the wheel? And besides, the “Sleep Deprived mommy friend” in the 2nd blog is none other than yours truly so I think it can suffice to share my life with you right now :).


http://crappypictures.typepad.com/crappy-pictures/2012/01/the-uppers-downers-of-parenting-or-coffee-wine.html (excuse the language)


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  1. krys593 says:

    So as I was just walking upstairs to get Riley when she woke up from her nap I suddenly thought to myself, “Wait a minute. Did I just title that blog ‘Hijacking’? Because clearly I didn’t hijack those blogs, I stole them…”

    So there you have it. It proves my point. I have mommy brain and should not be writing right now 🙂

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