33 Week Pregnancy Update

Can you believe that we are only about 6.5 weeks away from baby girl’s arrival?!  Jordan and I are so excited.  We just finished the nursery (minus the super cute block letters for the wall that spell her name- cannot debut those until she’s here!), took our first birthing class, and are compiling several lists (“to do before baby,” “to read this month,” “to pack for hospital,” “to contact when we go into labor,” etc.)

Baby Girl's Nursery

The most common question I get asked is, “How are you feeling?”  To answer that question for you, I thought I’d attach a funny cartoon that pretty much nails it on the head! 🙂

We actually loved our first birthing class last weekend. They taught us the biology of childbirth (which was fascinating and just left us amazed at the human body and our Creator!); the stages of labor; pain management (massages, pain easing positions, etc); we watched some videos, met some other fun couples and practiced the pain management stuff together. We left feeling more informed, confident, and excited.  This coming weekend we will learn about inductions, interventions and c-sections and I’m actually looking forward to it!

  In class we went over different hypothetical scenarios where we had to determine whether or not the woman was in labor. In one of the scenarios the woman in labor had trouble sleeping and was feeling restless.  We had also learned that “irrational behaviors” like cleaning an oven at night or washing all the baby clothes might signal labor.  So of course last night I thought I might be in labor because I was having trouble sleeping, was feeling restless and considered getting out of bed at 1am to work on the budget :).   Here we go, I guess I’d better buckle up for constantly wondering if little things mean I am in labor!

On an entirely different note, you will be encouraged to hear that I’ve been feeling much better about my pregnant body! Maybe it’s the new found deep respect I have for my body once I learned all that it is preparing to do, or else my stomach is just getting so big that I’m no longer noticing the other growing trouble areas (arms, thighs, etc)!  Either way, I’m thankful that I can look in the mirror with appreciation rather than disgust :).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kristin allen says:

    love this post krystal i am looking forward the brithing class..but i have a while:):)

  2. Mom says:

    The nursery looks beautiful and I’m sure baby girl Maroon will love it! And you look wonderful to so don’t sweat the small stuff. After all, you are carrying our grandbaby! 🙂 Mom

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