30 Week Pregnancy Update

A few days ago I had a good friend ask me, “So how are you doing, aside from your pregnancy?”  The question seemed surprisingly impossible to answer.  It seems like pregnancy affects every aspect of my life right now: my physical state, level of energy, activities I participate in, my relationships, my job situation, my […]

Tantrums are for Toddlers?

So remember the little meltdown of SJ’s that I mentioned in my blog post last week?  Apparently that wasn’t a one time deal. For those of you just now checking in, SJ is the adorable 17 month old I nanny for part-time.  Thankfully most of the time he is in a great mood, and is a lot of […]

Amnesia of the Now

Yesterday was just one of those days.  You know what I’m talking about.  In case you don’t, here’s a glimpse: In the first 10 minutes of nannying, the toilet got clogged and I couldn’t find a plunger anywhere.  One of the cats got out (they’re not supposed to go outside) and I couldn’t find her. […]

Mommy Lessons from SJ

This past week, I’ve started nannying for adorable 17-month old SJ (Samuel John) Clendenin.  It’s a great way to make a little extra money before I start staying home full-time, help a friend out, and get some practice before the big “game” of having a little one myself.  SJ is a lot of fun and in […]