So What Sunday

Sometimes, it’s just nice to free ourselves in our little quirks that might seem weird and say, “so what?”  If we all could read each other’s “so what?” quirks, I imagine we would find that we are not quite as weird or unusual as we may sometimes think :)…

So just for fun, here are some of my “So what?” statements on this beautiful Sunday off:

  • So what if I drive down to the Kangaroo Express every single day (sometimes twice a day) to get my free refill of half diet, half regular fountain coke?
  • So what if I faux glow and if you look closely, there might be a little streak here or blotch there on my tan?
  • So what if our baby nursery is currently an explosion of all the items we had no place for when we moved in, and we haven’t started decorating yet?
  • So what if I took my mom’s US weekly magazine home with me, simply because there are pictures of pregnant celebrities who are not just “all bump” but have gained weight in other places…a couple of them bigger than me? And so what if I considered hanging said picture up on a wall in our apartment?
  • So what if I try to make the game “Wax Museum” as boring as possible so that Evan and Bella (kids I babysit- 7 and 11) won’t want to play it anymore?
  • So what if when I say I want to order  this little pool for our daughter, what I really mean is that I want it for myself?
  • So what if I theoretically like the idea of being the type of person who is into all natural stuff, but deep down I know I never really will be?
  • So what if I refused to have a pink baby nursery, but then decided to go with pink, but now might be changing my mind again?
  • So what if cookies dunked in milk have become my favorite food this week?
  • So what if swimming laps at the pool for exercise means that all I can do the rest of the day is lay on the couch?
So What?
What are your “So What?” statements for this week? 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Katherine Sofield says:

    So what if I only eat three bites of an ice cream sandwich and put it back in the freezer? At least I know it will be there when I come back, unlike the rest of the box.

  2. Mom says:

    So what is I have to keep calling my unborn granddaughter baby girl Maroon for 3 more months!

  3. Amy Weber says:

    You are hilarious! Just found your blog and loving it. 🙂

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