So What Sunday

Sometimes, it’s just nice to free ourselves in our little quirks that might seem weird and say, “so what?”  If we all could read each other’s “so what?” quirks, I imagine we would find that we are not quite as weird or unusual as we may sometimes think :)…

So just for fun, here are some of my “So what?” statements on this beautiful Sunday off:

  • So what if I drive down to the Kangaroo Express every single day (sometimes twice a day) to get my free refill of half diet, half regular fountain coke?
  • So what if I faux glow and if you look closely, there might be a little streak here or blotch there on my tan?
  • So what if our baby nursery is currently an explosion of all the items we had no place for when we moved in, and we haven’t started decorating yet?
  • So what if I took my mom’s US weekly magazine home with me, simply because there are pictures of pregnant celebrities who are not just “all bump” but have gained weight in other places…a couple of them bigger than me? And so what if I considered hanging said picture up on a wall in our apartment?
  • So what if I try to make the game “Wax Museum” as boring as possible so that Evan and Bella (kids I babysit- 7 and 11) won’t want to play it anymore?
  • So what if when I say I want to order  this little pool for our daughter, what I really mean is that I want it for myself?
  • So what if I theoretically like the idea of being the type of person who is into all natural stuff, but deep down I know I never really will be?
  • So what if I refused to have a pink baby nursery, but then decided to go with pink, but now might be changing my mind again?
  • So what if cookies dunked in milk have become my favorite food this week?
  • So what if swimming laps at the pool for exercise means that all I can do the rest of the day is lay on the couch?
So What?
What are your “So What?” statements for this week? 🙂

Pregnancy Update: 24 weeks

Since this blog is supposed to be dedicated to my journey through pregnancy and motherhood, I figured I’m due for an update on how pregnancy has been going :). 

I’m in my 24th week (crazy!), and pregnancy has gotten both harder and better at the same time.  Baby girl Maroon weighs over 1 lb. now, and is the size of an ear of corn!

The hard parts. most of my 2nd trimester has been pretty great.  My nausea disappeared around week 12, I got a burst of new energy once I hit week 14 and I have felt great for the most part.  But in just the past couple of weeks, it’s become a bit more difficult physically:

  • It has suddenly become a challenge to sit down, manuever, or just move in general.  I made the comment to my husband a couple of days ago, “I’ve noticed lately that I make a grunt sound whenever I sit down or have to get up.”  His response? “Yea, you do seem to grunt a lot these days when you move.”  Awesome. 😛
  • I can no longer reach my toes.  Jordan is going to try to paint them for me sometime this week, so that will be interesting… stay tuned for pictures!
  • I have been experiencing quite a bit of heartburn.  But Tums seems to do the trick!
  • If I stand on my feet for more than 10 minutes, they start to swell.  The simple task of cooking dinner or putting away dishes leaves my feet looking like they’ve been stung by bees!
  • The burst of energy I had during the 1st half of my 2nd trimester is being replaced by fatigue, which is not being helped by the fact that I’ve been having a more difficult time sleeping lately
  • I pee at least once (at least), every 10-15 minutes.  It’s kind of embarrassing.  My daughter seems to think my bladder is a trampoline, which is not such a comfortable feeling….
  • I’ve had to ask for help (when I drop something, I can no longer pick it up), and understanding (with my new limitations and restrictions), which has been humbling.  But I think it’s a good thing to learn at the same time.

The good parts.  Regardless of the list above, pregnancy has also become more fun lately!

  • My daughter moves all of the time now! I think she is training for an olympic gymnastics event to be honest… I can feel her flip, jolt, kick and nudge.   It has been so much fun!  I love to feel her move.  It makes everything seem more real, and it assures me that she is alive and well.  Even on a discouraging day, she makes me smile every time she moves around.  Sometimes I will just watch my stomach and I can see her kick :).  It has made me feel like I am bonding with her, and it’s as if the two of us have our own little world that only we can communicate in.
  • I am starting to appreciate my pregnant body.  For most of my pregnancy, I have had a hard time with the weight gain and it has been a struggle to see myself as pretty.  But as I have been experiencing my daughter’s movements more, I think it has been giving me a deeper appreciation for the reason that my body is changing so much.  It’s really cool to think about how some of these changes are specifically to care for and protect her.  So what if I have stretch marks?  That was devastating to me the first time I noticed them starting to develop.  And honestly, I didn’t even want people to know because it felt embarrassing.  But you know what I’ve realized?  There are so many women out there that want to get pregnant and cannot.  I’m sure they would give anything to have the stretch marks & weight gain if it meant they could have a baby!  So I’m going to embrace them.  I am a mother carrying her first child in her womb and I have stretch marks.  That’s just how it is and I am thankful that I have the privilege of carrying this precious little life :).

Just for fun I thought I’d leave you with a little pregnancy picture of me at 22 weeks.  My dad is also showing off his beer belly, ahem I mean “sympathy bump”  *cough*  🙂